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Michelle Brusasco came to America from Vietnam in 1989 with a dream and a passion to create beautiful and bespoke clothing... 
Being blessed of Italian and Vietnamese descent, she has an eye for beautiful-classic design. Influenced by her mother's appreciation for elegance and beautiful, Michelle began a love story with fashion in her native Vietnam... she is self-taught and creates each design with a story and a person in mind.
In addition to establishes relationships with her lovely and loyal clients, she design to stay true to their effortless elegant with an edge to fit their life style with each individual look and body type.
... inspiration by so many beauty things surrounding in life but her heart and mind especially in bespoke, tailoring and create one-of-a-kind or limited editions with special care and attention to fabric, design and fit.
Michelle Brusasco has design forward red carpet, show, movies and TV.